Lezyne, founded in 2007 by industry icon Micki Kozuschek is beginning to expand it bicycle accessories empire with a new category. Lezyne is adding GPS Computers to their fleet of bicycle products. The new category will feature three models, the Mini, Power, and Super.

The Mini GPS is comparable in size to a quarter. It’s the smallest known GPS cycling computer in the world so it should fit any bike. The exact dimensions are 33.4 x 50.8 x 22.5mm. Its weight and size can also be compared to that of a Tic tac box.

Sherry Romello - GPS

The next size up is the Power. The Power GPS can work with Bluetooth Smart Devices and help you monitor both your power and heart rate. At 46.5 x 73.2 x 27mm, the Power is significantly larger than the Mini but does have more capabilities. The screen doubles in size and allows up to four different date tables to be monitored at once. Its battery runs just about twice as long as the Mini at 22 hours of running time. The storage capabilities far exceed that of the Mini as well at 200 hours of ride time. Lezyne has added an additional Glonass satellite antenna to supplement the standard GPS one. This allows much faster and more accurate position tracking when riding. This especially key when your mountain biking or biking through a forest and the path is not clear.

For the Super, it has the same physical form as the Power but adds ANT+ wireless capability in addition to Bluetooth Smart, for pairing with an even broader array of available sensors. To make matters better, the storage capacity with the Super reaches 400 hours of ride time. Each of the products use Lezyne’s X-Lock in order to insure the GPS stays connected to your bicycle. Look for these to hit shelves in April or May.

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