A demanding sport, Cycling requires speed, endurance and sheer will. With courses stretching for miles, the training required to meet theses mammoth stretches are an undertaking all their own. However, the annual Georgia Cup is a monster unlike any other. Summoning hundreds of racers every year to brave its twists and turns, the Georgia Cup is looking to challenge cyclists yet again in 2015.

Sherry Romello - Georgia CupThe average competitor putting in nearly six hours of training a day to get into peak physical condition, the Georgia Cup demands nothing short of dedication from its potential challengers. Though the course is little over a mile long, racers are required to run lap after lap without tiring or crashing. With so many packing the lanes, avoiding an accident will be almost as difficult as finishing.

With hairpin turns that racers take at speeds of over 30 mph, the course is a challenge for even the most experienced riders. With its focus on short stretches, cyclists are forced to push their pedaling skills to the limit. Equal parts endurance and execution, this race tests every part of the cyclist’s skill to complete. Without the necessary preparation to meet these many obstacles, a rider will risk falling while taking a sharp turn, and lose his place in the race.

A focus on sprint-centered racing requires course specific training, and riders have been experimenting with various techniques to better prepare for the Georgia Cup corners. Incorporating extra exercises into an already intensive program may seem impossible, but without the addition of several hours of sprinting, a cyclist is sure to fall behind. Such a lofty challenge is an invitation to the many eager cyclists looking to prove themselves. After hundreds of training hours and pushing the pedal, the thought on every competitor’s mind come race day will be the coveted Georgia Cup.