The winters can be tough on cyclers, especially those who live in the northeast. Not only does the cold and snow keep us inside our homes, but it also makes for tough conditions to get out on our bikes. Once it’s finally nice out, the roads and bike paths usually become beaten and weathered making it rough on our bikes. With roads beaten, cars will often suffer unexpected breakdowns, usually with tires. Luckily for us, there are services like AAA that will come out and help us. Now imagine you’re in the midst of a 10 mile bike ride and you blow a tire. Where do you turn?

Sherry Romello, AAA, Mid Atlantic, bicycles, roads, cyclingAAA now offers bicycle roadside assistance for the Mid-Atlantic region. Those who drive in this area know how bad and frustrating these roads can get with pot holes and what not. Current members of AAA Mid-Atlantic do not have to do anything in order to add bicycle roadside assistance, it’s automatically added to their current membership. You can have your bike towed and the mileage rate is the same as it is for cars. For Basic members, you get up to 3 free miles, 100 miles for Plus/Premier members, and 200 miles for a Premier member. A key point to note here is that the service is only available to bikes that were traveling a normally traveled road. This means you can’t request a AAA representative to find and pick up your bike in a park on a bike path. The service also does not include repairs, AAA will simply pick you up. At this point in time, over 1 million members are covered by this offering.

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