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SRAM Red eTap Wireless Groupset Review

The SRAM Red eTap wireless groupset is set to become available during the spring of 2016.  While it may seem a bit far away, it’s actually somewhat around the corner and the next spring season in which we can bike again.  The bike will be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000.  This bike contains a new way to shift gears.  Now if you have big hands, this may be a cause for concern.  The shift levers are a bit smaller which may cause discomfort for larger hands.  A great aspect to this bike is the lack of wires. The shifters paired electronically with the derailleurs making it easy to part with wires.  For more on this bicycle, check out the article here on Cycling Weekly or the video below.

The Race for the Georgia Cup

A demanding sport, Cycling requires speed, endurance and sheer will. With courses stretching for miles, the training required to meet theses mammoth stretches are an undertaking all their own. However, the annual Georgia Cup is a monster unlike any other. Summoning hundreds of racers every year to brave its twists and turns, the Georgia Cup is looking to challenge cyclists yet again in 2015.

Sherry Romello - Georgia CupThe average competitor putting in nearly six hours of training a day to get into peak physical condition, the Georgia Cup demands nothing short of dedication from its potential challengers. Though the course is little over a mile long, racers are required to run lap after lap without tiring or crashing. With so many packing the lanes, avoiding an accident will be almost as difficult as finishing.

With hairpin turns that racers take at speeds of over 30 mph, the course is a challenge for even the most experienced riders. With its focus on short stretches, cyclists are forced to push their pedaling skills to the limit. Equal parts endurance and execution, this race tests every part of the cyclist’s skill to complete. Without the necessary preparation to meet these many obstacles, a rider will risk falling while taking a sharp turn, and lose his place in the race.

A focus on sprint-centered racing requires course specific training, and riders have been experimenting with various techniques to better prepare for the Georgia Cup corners. Incorporating extra exercises into an already intensive program may seem impossible, but without the addition of several hours of sprinting, a cyclist is sure to fall behind. Such a lofty challenge is an invitation to the many eager cyclists looking to prove themselves. After hundreds of training hours and pushing the pedal, the thought on every competitor’s mind come race day will be the coveted Georgia Cup.

Student to Bike Across United States

Have you ever thought about cycling across the country? Well Alicia Chen has, and she’s going for it! Chen, a junior at the University of North Carolina will bike 3,600 miles from Nags Head, North Carolina to San Diego, California. With a passion for cycling that stems back to her high school days, Chen decided in that starting in May, she’s going to put that passion to use and cycling across the United States.

sherry romello - bike and buildAlicia Chen will be cycling for the Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Bike & Build. Bike & Build has strong ties with the University of North Carolina drawing more students from their than any other school. In fact, just this year alone, 13 students and alumni from UNC will be making the trek across the country.

During her freshman year, Chen met a man who shared his struggle with being homeless. She wanted to raise awareness for him as well as others who struggle in similar ways. During her trip across the United States, Chen will be building houses with Habitat for Humanity for those in need.

Chen must raise $4,500 for her trip to fund the cost of travel and building costs. She won’t be on her own. Rumors, a vintage clothing store in Chapel Hill will host a benefit night where from 3pm-7pm, the store will donate 20% of the stores profits towards Chen’s efforts.

For more on this terrific story, check it out at dailytarheel.com.

Lezyne Launches New GPS For Bicycles

Lezyne, founded in 2007 by industry icon Micki Kozuschek is beginning to expand it bicycle accessories empire with a new category. Lezyne is adding GPS Computers to their fleet of bicycle products. The new category will feature three models, the Mini, Power, and Super.

The Mini GPS is comparable in size to a quarter. It’s the smallest known GPS cycling computer in the world so it should fit any bike. The exact dimensions are 33.4 x 50.8 x 22.5mm. Its weight and size can also be compared to that of a Tic tac box.

Sherry Romello - GPS

The next size up is the Power. The Power GPS can work with Bluetooth Smart Devices and help you monitor both your power and heart rate. At 46.5 x 73.2 x 27mm, the Power is significantly larger than the Mini but does have more capabilities. The screen doubles in size and allows up to four different date tables to be monitored at once. Its battery runs just about twice as long as the Mini at 22 hours of running time. The storage capabilities far exceed that of the Mini as well at 200 hours of ride time. Lezyne has added an additional Glonass satellite antenna to supplement the standard GPS one. This allows much faster and more accurate position tracking when riding. This especially key when your mountain biking or biking through a forest and the path is not clear.

For the Super, it has the same physical form as the Power but adds ANT+ wireless capability in addition to Bluetooth Smart, for pairing with an even broader array of available sensors. To make matters better, the storage capacity with the Super reaches 400 hours of ride time. Each of the products use Lezyne’s X-Lock in order to insure the GPS stays connected to your bicycle. Look for these to hit shelves in April or May.

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