sherry romello cycling

Sherry Romello’s father traded a shot-gun for her first 10-speed bike.  On the backroads of Kentucky, she would ride three miles to the local store for a candy bar and a Coke. Today, you can find Sherry biking almost everywhere.  From the backroads of Greenville, South Carolina to the busy roads in India, cycling has become a huge part of Sherry’s life.

Sherry Romello’s love for cycling goes beyond just the occasional lap around the neighborhood. Together, Sherry and Phil have cycled in some pretty extravagant places and have seen some pretty cool sites. Sherry has biked under the Eiffel Tower and through the city in Paris, down the Florida Keys, 110 miles along the Pacific Coast Highway in California from Carmel to San Luis Obispo, through Washington DC and around all the monuments, across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and throughout New York City. Every year on the first Sunday in May, Sherry and Phil go to New York City to take part in the 5 Boro Bike Ride. There are about 30,000 riders each year that participate and the best part about the ride is New York closes down many roads so you can take in all the beautiful views New York City has to offer.

Sherry Romello absolute favorite cycling trip by far was Greece. Starting off on the island of Crete with just a map, GPS, and her husband, the two of them began a 400 mile adventure. The journey was very scenic and it gave them the opportunity to meet the most amazing people.  Sherry works on several international events each year and always tries to combine some biking adventures into the trips.  Since Greece, Sherry has biked in Portugal, India, South Africa, the Canadian Rockies and Chile.

Its not about the speed, distance, or just to get where you are going when it comes to cycling with Sherry. It’s about the journey. Sherry Romello enjoys the scenes and conversations that are had along the way.